Welcome to the website for the State Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Scorecard. The Scorecard takes a multidimensional approach to measuring state-level performance of LTSS systems that assist older people, adults with disabilities, and their family caregivers. 

To help pick up the pace of change, the 2017 LTSS State Scorecard includes a series of promising practices to help states understand various strategies, practices and tools they can adopt to improve the lives and well-being for older adults, people with physical disabilities and their family caregivers. The third edition of the Scorecard report will be officially released in June. You can read the first set of promising practices now.

You can also interact with the data from our latest Scorecard using the map and tools below to drill into performance indicators for a single state or compare state performance or rankings on measures of long-term services and supports. 



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High Performers

2014 Minnesota State Spotlight

Overall Rank: 1

Affordability and Access: 3

Choice of Setting and Provider: 1

Quality of Life and Quality of Care: 1

Support for Family Caregivers: 3

Effective Transitions: 12

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2014 Washington State Spotlight

Overall Rank: 2

Affordability and Access: 7

Choice of Setting and Provider: 4

Quality of Life and Quality of Care: 19

Support for Family Caregivers: 7

Effective Transitions: 4

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Oregon State Spotlight

Overall Rank: 3

Affordability and Access: 20

Choice of Setting and Provider: 5

Quality of Life and Quality of Care: 13

Support for Family Caregivers: 1

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Read the latest findings within the 2014 Report or learn more about our previous results within the 2011 Report.