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Promising Practices

Affordable Housing as a Key Piece of Older Adults' Long-Term Services and Supports
Growing Assistive Technology Awareness through State Programs, Partnerships, and Innovation
Local Initiatives to Fund Services for Older Americans
ADRC/No Wrong Door 2020 Key Takeaways
National Inventory of Self-Directed LTSS
Presumptive Eligibility
Mobility Managers
Home and Community-Based Services beyond Medicaid
Taking It to the Next Level: Using Innovative Strategies to Expand Options for Self-Direction
Emerging Innovations in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports for Family Caregivers
No Wrong Door: Supporting Community Living for Veterans
State Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Long-Term Nursing Home Care after Hospitalization
No Wrong Door: Person- and Family-Centered Practices in Long-Term Services and Supports
Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Family Caregivers: An Analysis of State Rules and Practices